Writing A Great Podcast Intro Examples In 2020


Writing A Great Podcast Intro Examples In 2020

I started getting a lot of questions from podcasters looking to create the perfect podcast intro scr examples script. They are hiring outsources to provide the voice over or even perform the entire intro.

Being a blogger for a long time, you are always trying to find out other ways and platforms to share your story and ideas. And if you have already tried many ways of sharing your content beyond written words, then a podcast might be your next best move. 

So Why Start A Podcast? 

Well, It’s quite simple. A podcast is a way to reach an audience that you might not reach otherwise with just your blog. 

Let me tell you about a stats; you know there is an increasing number of people who listen to podcasts more than reading blogs. In a recent report, 33% of Americans have heard at least one podcast.

That’s a massive number of people listening to content in podcast form. Don’t you want in on all the potential traffic it could bring to your blog.? 

Here is what you should be doing to create a great podcasts intro:

(Because it’s essential and can have a lot of positive ROI for your blog or site)

Podcast Script Intro Rules or Podcast Examples Script

1. Clear Call To Action

Always remember that in your podcast intro, you ever need to have a clear call to action. 

It doesn’t matter what it is; you have to ask people to do something. If you are trying to offer listeners more value of more educations for free, how can they lose? Don’t feel like you’re pasturing or spamming people. 

No matter what the situation is, you shouldn’t be afraid to promote your work?

Be confident always in the value you are delivering and create a kind of show that generates leads and sales. If you don’t, you’ll soon be shutting down your presentation and business.

2. Tease Something Towards the End of the Show:

Getting an audience to consume the entire thing is always a big problem for any media. 

Let’s take an example, even for this article. If I put on some heat mapping software – on average, I’d probably see people only scroll down 30% to 40% of the article. 

The same goes for every content like Blogging, Youtube videos. You can see on Youtube how long people “watch” the show. The stats will be going to different from video to audio. Still, we know that people, on average, listen to petite shows.

So How Do We Combat This?

Tease something towards the end of the show in the intro of your podcast. If I want to hear, step by step by the process, or get all the tools your guest uses, that might work and get me to keep listening. 

3. Get the People Involved With the Brand of You:

Remember, Your Podcast is unique just because of YOU.

Your voice is different than anyone else. So it would be best if you tapped into that. Your intro will help people to keep up to date. Talk about some current relevant news that people in your audience might be aware of or interested in. 

Your personality and positive attitude will keep a portion of your audience listening. Be aware of that. 

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Invest In Quality Microphone To Start a Podcast

Please don’t make a mistake buying a cheap microphone. It will cause poor audio quality, and your audience will lose interest. If you have a budget or can wait longer to have enough money, I suggest you do so. Because the article ‘podcast intro examples’ have been written post trying all things.

Here is the review of Top-7 the Best Microphones for Podcasting by The TechMag:

  1. Shure SM7B
  2. Samson Go
  3. Blue Yeti USB Mic
  4. Razer Seiren X USB
  5. Blue Ember
  6. Audio-Technica ATR2500x-USB
  7. Blue Snowball USB Microphone (Brushed Aluminum)

Podcast Intro Examples:

 It doesn’t require going into all details while you script an intro. It would be best if you gave yourself a framework to speak within. 

Podcast Intro Script Part #1: Welcome

These will be the very first words your listener is going to hear, so make them count. If you are in this field you have already watched and listened to enough programs on Radio, TV, Live Shows, the web to know how this goes like:

Hello & Welcome to Filmy Junction, a podcast where I interview the Top Actor & Actresses.” There are a bunch of variations on the same. 

Note: Replace your channel or Podcast name with (Filmy Junction)

  • Welcome to (Filmy Junction), a podcast where I interview the Top Actor & Actresses
  • It’s time for the (Filmy Junction), a podcast where I interview the Top Actor & Actresses
  • Get ready for the (Filmy Junction), a podcast where I interview the Top Actor & Actresses
  • You are now listening to the (Filmy Junction), a podcast where I talk the Top Actor & Actresses

 If you want some changes or you can also get creative with this part, add some distinctive flair. 

Podcast Intro Script Part #2: Information

What is the podcast about? It is a fair question that you should address in your podcast intro script. 

Most of the podcasters struggle with this. Sometimes, they don’t know what their show is about, which is not a good sign. Other times They failed to express it in short form. 

According to the survey, every podcaster who wants more listeners and grows his business should be able to explain their show in just one or two sentences. 

If someone is listening to your podcast, they are not interested in a long explanation of what your show is about. 

Podcast Intro Script Part #3: Introduction

Remember, “First Impression is the Last Impression,” You’ll only get one impression. It’s essential to nail the introduction by quickly creating a smooth, high-value experience that convinces your listeners to invest their time. If you don’t impress people rapidly, you will capture new listers and grow your podcasts. 

A great podcast intro, along with your cover art, makes a promise to your listeners. So it’s crucial to be enticing without being deceptive. 

Here are some extra elements you may want to include, depending on your situation:

  • Music: Brand you show with some special music that exhibits your personality
  • Tagline: Explain the purpose or general idea of your show (For example; A podcast that helps you boost your eCommerce sales.”)
  • Network ID: If you are part of a network you might bee required to state this
  • Recorded Date: This will help you if your content is time-sensitive or related to events
  • Sponsors: Mention your sponsors in intro and outro depending on your deals

What Goes Into A Podcast Outro?

Your outro is the skillful conclusion that completes your episode packages and drives listeners to take action. It isn’t as critical to the success of your episode as your intro. However, still, it’s an integral part of a professional presentation. 

Music can be the same as your intro; you need to record a new voiceover. Use this time to express your gratitude and ask your listeners to take action as follows:

  • Donate to your Patreon to support you financially 
  • Leave a review on their favorite platform
  • Ask them to join your community or Facebook group
  • Ask them to leave a comment if they are listening 
  • Buy merchandise, courses or membership
  • Remind your listeners when they can download your next episode 

Music for Podcast Intros And Outros

The music of your intro and outro sets the mood and familiarizes your listeners with your show. It is a great way to put them in the right frame of mind to listen to your episode.

You can buy the rights of music from stock music websites and use it just like photos from stock photography websites. 

Here are our favorite free and paid stock music websites:

Paid stock music websites:

Free stock music websites:

Browse the sites and choose music shows off your show’s personality. Don’t choose something familiar which other creators are wanting unless your show will become generic and bland.

Podcasting Images

There are many websites from where you can download the podcast cover images for free or royalty-free. Check out the list of same:

List Of Top 5 Podcasting Images sites:

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pixabay
  3. Shutterstock
  4. istockphoto
  5. Pexels

Be Unique With Your Podcast Intros and Outros

We have covered almost everything on how to create standard podcast intro and outros. Still, you are not limited to this format. Feel free to experiment with your methods and idea.

That’s it! 

I tried to cover almost everything as much as I could for a newbie to start a Podcast, feel free to comment us if you still have a question in your mind related to Podcasting.

Now, I want to know how your Podcasting journey is coming along too.

Drop me a line in the comments below!

Thank me ❤️ for sharing this article !!

Good Luck 🙂 

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