InMotion vs Bluehost Hosting Comparison In 2020

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Inmotion vs Bluehost: Which Is Your Best Choice

Are you also trying to choose between InMotion vs Bluehost to host your WordPress website?
InMotion vs Bluehost It would be best if you often looked beyond price when it comes to hosting—so understanding what each provider offers and how its fit your need is key. If you choose well, you’ll save yourself a lot of work down the road (migrating the website can sometimes be a pain.

InMotion vs Bluehost are two very powerful, excellent, and well-established web hosting providers. Bluehost and InMotion both offer great shared VPS, and dedicated hosting. From both of them currently, InMotion is a better choice for business hosting with outstanding features. 

To help you to choose and buy the right web hosting that fits in your budget and situation, we’ll compare InMotion vs Bluehost in five significant areas:

InMotion vs Bluehost: WordPress Comparison

Both InMotion and Bluehostare good web hosting providers offer quality services. InMotion comes with Boldgrid to create WordPress sites very easily. Both Bluehost and InMotion are allowing to host multiple sites, however, InMotion offers it at an affordable price as compared to Bluehost.

Features InMotion Bluehost
Auto Updates
Auto Data Backups
On-Demand Backup & Restore  
Website Staging
Optimized Caching  
WordPress Security
Availability of Managed WordPress

They both are really a very strong contender and its very tough to say which is the best. Both are providing impressive WordPress hosting with their shared hosting plans.

Both come with one-click WordPress installation services. If you’re a website builder than InMotion is for you, it’s tool BoldGrid makes if different. The bold grid contains some great features such as Automatic plugins update, Automatic backup, etc.

Both the web hosting sites are winners in this category of WordPress, but I would give a slight edge to InMotion based on the website speed and performance. InMotion and Bluehost also offer managed or optimized WordPress hosting plans. Both are excellent but again I will give the edge to InMotion over Bluehost here.

InMotion vs Bluehost: Security Comparison

Features InMotion Bluehost
Virus Scanning
Free SSL
Two Factor Authentication
DDoS Protection  
Spam Protection
Brute Force Defence  
Hack Protection  
24/7 Security Monitoring  
Web Hosting Firewall  
Patchman Security Tool  
Hosting Account Isolation  

InMotion vs Bluehost: Support

Features InMotion Bluehost
Ticket Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Email Support
Free Website Migration  
Priority Support Available  

InMotion vs Bluehost: Development

Features InMotion Bluehost
PHP Support 7.3 7.3 / 7.2
My SQL Database 10.2.26 – MariaDB 5.6.41-84.1
Unlimited Databases Pro Plan Only
PostgreSQL Database
SSH Access
Apache 2.4.41 2.4.39

Inmotion vs Bluehost: Details & Winner

Category InMotion Bluehost Comments
Data Centers InMost has data centers on both U.S. coasts
Server Hardware Business-class hardware with free solid-state drives
Account Sign Up Pre-Installed WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop
Control Panel Awsome Customized cPanel in Bluehost  
Speed & Performance
Security Free SSL, Hack Protection, DDoS Mitigation
Data Backup InMotion provides Daily Backup, restoring the data once in 4months 
Developer Tools   PHP 7.2
Website App InMotion provides 400+ Apps via cPanel & BoldGrid
Adv. Credits $250 Total = Google+Bing+Yahoo   
Customer Support Response Time Around 4 Sec.   
Customer Support Issue Resolution    
Money-Back Guarantee Full 90days Money back guarantee   
Price/Value $3.95 mo. – $14.99mo. 

InMotion vs Bluehost Website Speed Comparison

As per my personal experience, both InMotion and Bluehost provide excellent website speed. Below is the result of the conducted testing between both of them. 



InMotion vs Bluehost: Customer Support Response Time

Both the companies are very helpful and courteous, fast response via live chat support. At current time Bluehostnow has one of the fastest responding live char support teams. This category is almost tied but I will go with Bluehost

VPS Hosting: InMotion vs Bluehost

InMotion Hosting Bluehost Hosting
InMotion-VPS-Plan-inmotion-vs-bluehost-hosting-comparison-2020  bluehost-plan-inmotion-vs-bluehost-hosting-comparison-2020
Started Business: 2001
Started Business: 1996
BBA Rating: A+ BBA Rating: A+
Data Center Location: Los Angeles, CA & Ashburn, VA Data Center Location: Provo, UT
Price: $3.99 mo – $13.99 mo Price: $3.95 mo – $14.99 mo
Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
Unlm. Storage: Yes Unlm. Storage: Yes
Unlimited Mail: Yes Unlimited Mail: Yes
Host Multiple Domains: Yes Host Multiple Domains: Yes
Hosting Interface: cPanel Hosting Interface: cPanel
Server Uptime: 99.9% Server Uptime: 99.8%
Full Refund Period: 90Days Full Refund Period: 30Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes

Free Extras:

Solid State Drives (SSDs) Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
Free SSL Certificates SiteLock CDN 
Free Websites Transfers $200 Marketing Offers (Except Basic Plan)
Safe Application RollBack  
$75 – $100 Google Adwords Credit  
Premium Website Builder  
Advantages of Choosing InMotion Advantages of Choosing Bluehost
Utilizes their Max Speed Zones for faster performance Automatic Installation of WordPress
Cool cPanel with easy 1 click software installation User-Friendly Guided WordPress Site Creation
Separate Account Management Panel for Account & Billing  Customized WordPress Dashboard Interface 
Phone, Chat & Email Support-Fast Live Chat support Performance Caching
Over 400 Apps for your Website Auto Updates of WordPress Plugins & Themes
Secure Remote Server Access Via Command Line Responsive Customer Support via Phone, Email & Live Chat
Pre-Installation: WordPress, Joomla, or Prestashop Fast Website Proviosning
BoldGrid Website Builder  
Malware Protection  
WP-CLI Available for Use with SSH  
Choice of MySQL or PostgreSQL  
Google Apps Integration  
90 Days Money Back Guarantee  

Pros & Cons of InMotion and Bluehost

 With so much information from online about each provider, it can be challenging to separate them. As per our comparison between them, it is hard to find which one has the best features for your site.

What could be the better way to do this than with a pros and cons list? Let’s dive into this and get a bright look at each provider’s strengths and weaknesses below:

Bluehost Pros and Cons:

Bluehost Pros:

  • Free Domain: The fact is that a domain name comes included with a hosting provider is a game-changer in terms of all on one convenience. 
  • 99.98% Uptime: Anything over 99.9% is excellent, and Bluehost is far above that
  • Best For WordPress Integration-Recommended By WordPress: It doesn’t get much better than a recommendation from the actual source
  • Good Value For Money: Bluehost has fair and affordable prices
  • Beginner Friendly-Easy to Use: This will save your tons of time in the long run

Bluehost Cons:

    • Add-ons in Checkout Can Increase: No one likes getting blindsided at checkout
    • Less Help & Support Features Than Top Competitors: Not the most well-rounded customer services offerings

InMotion Pros and Cons:

Inmotion Pros:

  • Free Domain: Again all in one convenience
  • Free SSD Storage: Free Memory for your site’s data
  • High-Quality help & Support: It might not be the most technical feature, but there is no overstating how important it is
  • Free Backups: Keep every past version of your site safe

InMotion Cons:

  • Less Affordable Price Plans-Lower value for money: InMotion is not the cheapest provider, so it comes to you to which features you prioritize the most
  • Smaller Range of Help & Support Features Than Competitors: Fewer features, but once again, quality over quantity: InMotion‘s support is still top-notch

As you can analyze, there is a close similarity between Bluehost and InMotion. The option of Free Domain and excellent uptime are both appealing and worth making the most of!

Here are the Differences !!

InMotion’s unlimited disk space and SSD storage are dominant features. InMotion offers impressive perks, with highly trained support staff, and a real focus on customer experience.

Bluehost is the more prominent web hosting services provider, with much better value for money and a higher uptime of 99.98%. The top hosting provider has Recommended it by WordPress, known for its ease of use and reliable reputation, Bluehost is a comfortable option.

Both the sites are quite similar. Now it will depend on your choice of what you want from your hosting provider.

I will suggest it’s worth looking at your budget and your tech skills, which will help you narrow down your decision.

Price Comparison & Value for Money

Budgeting is essential for everyone, whether you are a tech millionaire or a start-up business. Here is the price chart for both.

Plans InMotion Bluehost
Shared/Business Hosting $2.49 – $12.99 $3.95 – $14.99
Cloud Hosting $6.95- $25.99
Dedicated Hosting $139.99 – $259.99 $79.99 – $119.99
WordPress Hosting $6.99 – $19.99 $3.95 – $5.99
VPS Hosting $44.99 – $129.99 $18.99 – $59.99
Reseller Hosting $13.99 – $164.99

Should You Choose InMotion or Bluehost For Your Website?

Choosing between InMotion and Bluehost is a bit tricky. InMotion doesn’t offer WordPress-specific shared plans, so you’re limited to the same features as all other users are. 

InMotion shared plans are much more limited in functionality compared to their BluehostWordPress specific counterparts. That’s to be expected, but the upsides are, InMotion offers better performance and support across the board. 

If you value those two factors above a WordPress specific plan and don’t mind paying a bit extra for it, InMotion is probably the way to go. If you want to pay less and get access to features such as automatic WordPress installation, updates, and staging sites, Bluehost is the better option. 


If you’re looking for an affordable hosting plan offering the functionality you need to grow your website, both Bluehost and InMotion are excellent options. 

  • Choose InMotion if you value performance and don’t mind paying a little bit extra. 

  • Choose Bluehost If you want a more user-friendly web host at a lowe price point. 

If you want to see and compare other hosting options around this price point, check out below sites plan:

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Do you have any questions about choosing between InMotion vs Bluehost? Ask us in the comments!

FAQs About Inmotion vs Bluehost

1. Inmostion Hosting vs Bluehost 

  • Choose InMotion if you value performance and don’t mind paying a little bit extra. 

  • Choose Bluehost If you want a more user-friendly web host at a lowe price point. 

2. Bluehost vs InMotion Reviews:

Both are the best hosting providing sites and ratings are also same.

3. InMotion vs SiteGround

Siteground would be an excellent choice

4. InMotion vs Hostgator

InMotion would be an excellent choice but if budget is your concern than go with Hostagtor

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