ClickBank Login Problem? Fix In Simple Steps In Just a Few Seconds

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If you’re also facing an issue while doing ClickBank Login then you have come at right place. In this article, we will discuss each and all issues while doing login or Signing Up on ClickBank. So let’s dive into this.

Our this step by step login guide will help you to login in ClickBank.

But wait ! Do you have ClickBank Account or have you Signed-Up?

If your answer is “No”

Then don’t worry my dear reader here in this blog your every problem related to ClickBank would be sorted out.

How do I sign up for a ClickBank account?

Check out this detailed Video By ClickBank

Click Here To Sign Up

ClickBank Login | Sign In

  • Click on above link of “Sign In or ClickBank Login
  • After that, you will see the page as below
  • Now just simply fill your registered Email or Nickname in Username
  • And in the second column fill your “Set Password”
  • Now Click on Login – Congratulations you have successfully login on ClickBank.

If in case you’re unable to log in or you have forgotten your password then just click on “Forgot Password” option mentioned below and you will get a reset a link on your mail ID from there you can reset the password.

If you have been stucked and unable to login in to ClickBank, I must say to try again by using the folloowing steps:

Frequently Asked Questions After Doing ClickBank Login

What do I do If I’m Having Trouble Logging In ClickBank

  • Clear Cache and Cookies on your browser and then try again
  • Check if there any third party security add-ons installed that can block access to your ClickBank account.
  • Try to log in on Incognito (Private) mode
  • Try logging with a different browser

If you’ve tried mentioned all the above instructions and still having trouble during logging-in, you can file support.

I Received an Error Message When I Completed My Profile Stating That My Account Was Disabled. Why Is That?

As per ClickBank, Unfortunately, based on a flag from our security system, we can not offer you account at this time. We are unable to release specifics regarding why the system has declined your request.

If you believe this message was made in an error, please send an enquiry to including the name of the country you are trying to sign up form and a copy of your government-issued photo identification, such as a passport or drivers license.

What Happens If Your Account Is Suspended?

Generally, ClickBank suspends your accounts with low qualities or other issues. In case if your account is suspended, you will not be able to sell or promote products then you can contact ClickBank by emailing if you have any questions about the status of your account.

Affiliate Questions

How Should I Start As An Affiliate?

Once you’ve created an account, you can use the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace to find sellers. Then, you can create hoplinks and start promoting products wherever you choose.

How Do I Find The ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace

How Do I Find The ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace

The one who has access to affiliate marketing in ClickBank can only access the marketplace by navigating to the sales account management page for their specific sales account. Affiliate marketing link is located above the main horizontal navigation bar. Click here to access the Affiliate Marketplace.

How Do I Unserstand The Information In The Marketplace?

This article by ClickBank itself can help you to understand about Using The Marketplace.

How To Promote ClickBank Products?

The best way to promote ClickBank Products is through the blog, You can create your own blog at a very cheap price and then start writing reviewing of products on your blog and promote it.

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